Thursday, January 7, 2010


A Gift

Before I leave.


I want all of you to know. I'm happy, and safe. He came, and we danced. We played.

He showed me something. Something wonderful.

He told me things, so many things. He's worked on us for years, and especially on me. He had to prepare me, had to...get me ready. And he knew that we do not last as long as him, we wither and die and we are not PATIENT.

He knew I'd tell you all. He's come for me and I'm free.

He'll come for all of you someday as well.

Just...if you ever walk by a window at night, and you hear the trees move...

He watches. And waits.

I don't want to look out. But I know it's there, waiting for me. Watching me. I don't want to go out, see it, let it in.

I don't want it in here with me.
Oh my god. I figured it out, I figured out what this thing wants.

I've been feeling him, knowing that he was watching me but I didn't know what it meant. He tried to show me, but I couldn't take it. Couldn't take what he was showing me.

This thing is FARMING me, absorbing my fear. Like fucking CATTLE, it's been with me my entire life, triyng to get into my head. It can control people just by looking at them, what the hell is it going to do with me?

Dammit, I can hear it tapping at the door.
alright, turned all the lights off and got my bat, managed to lock the door

i know it wont keep him out but i gotta try

dammit, what the hell is this thing doing here AGAIN? it wants something, i know it does.
oh my god guys he's right outside, i can see him in the street
dammit, so much fog

cant see him anymore, god fucking dammit guys i can hear that drumming sound again

just saw something outside, SHIT

brb, baseball bat